Monday, January 24, 2011

One more from the Canary Islands, we were fortunate to catch this traveling exhibit of Rodin sculptures on a street in Las Palmas. There were five in total and they seemed to be enjoying the sun and warmth as much as we were. G1 with 20 Bill

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New year everyone. I know I am a little late but we have had a very busy start to the year 2011. With this post my blog will began slowly to change. My life is more about bicycles now than cameras. We now have a new business found here Cycle For Fun and it has now been one year since we sold Contact Photo Arts. I am still a part time employee for the new owners of Contact Photo Arts and I am still helping people find the right camera for their needs but I also have other interests, two of which are cycling and travel. Cycle for Fun is a retail home based sales business selling recumbent and semi recumbent bicycles. One of these bicycles folds and fits into a suitcase, perfect for taking your bicycle with you on a holiday. We did just that this January taking a Cruzbike Quest folding recumbent with us to the Canary Islands to visit our daughter who has been living there. If it wasn't for this visit I don't think we would have ever discovered the Canary Islands as it is a place few North Americans seem to visit. This trip was my first with a bicycle in a suitcase. I have always dreamed of landing at an exotic airport, opening my suitcase, putting together my bicycle and riding off into the sunset. I know there are other people with a similar dream, if you are one of them I have published an article Traveling with the Cruzbike Quest. I did take my Panasonic G1 on this trip with just one lens, the 20 mm 1.7, I enjoyed having just one lens and it was also an interesting travel experience for me because as much as I like capturing photos this trip was not just about capturing those photos but also riding through a foreign and very interesting landscape. I will be posting more photos here and in a gallery at Cycle For Fun Happy new year, Bill