Friday, April 06, 2007

Here is an up-date for my fade test that I began four weeks ago. If you look back in the blog it will explain. The best this test can do is try and show the comparison between two different ways you have to print your digital photos. The Fujifilm thermal photo paper is their dye-sub paper used in their quick print kiosks that are starting to appear mostly in stores other than photo labs. Some photo labs also use dye-sub printers with kiosks for a quick print. The only surprise for me was that there is a slight shift to magenta in the silver halide print which is our glossy paper. I am going to compare our gloss to matte next. The change in the thermal print started on day two and is very significant. If you would like to see the prints I have them in the store. If you do go back and read the earlier post please read the comment posted from a reader as the person makes a good point. Also I would like to read what you think about this topic if you would like to add something. P.S if the photo looks a little odd it was taken with a fish eye lens. Bill

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sigma 135 to 400 APO lens on an old Pentax IST D with no stabilization in the body or lens but a tripod still works fine. This eagle is quite far away and was last week so I am slow posting it. This lens has been discounted by Sigma as it is not their new digital model. This one will also work on a film camera as the len's designed for digital SLR's don't cover the area required to expose a complete 35mm negative.

The Nikon 18 to 200 VR lens is a very nice lens and as you may know very hard to find one to buy. I have one in stock and just had to take it home for a test run. This what I saw when I woke up and as you can see the deer got an earlier start on the day than I did.