Thursday, May 27, 2010

So here I am in my home town of Alert Bay. I am really enjoying using the new Samsung Ex 1. I think I may have told you that already. Tonight I am walking down the street and a young man asks me "what are your doing?" You need to understand not to many people walk too far in Alert Bay. So I say I'm going for a walk, he thinks about this just a minute and says I think I will go for a walk too, so we start walking down the street together. Then he asks " where you from?" I have to think about this a bit and finally say, from here but a long time ago. Now you need to further understand this person has had just a little alcohol to drink and is now a little confused so he doesn't quite believe me, so I ask him who his parents are. As it turns out I went to school with his father who is the same age and was able to amaze him with a few old details. Alert Bay is where my roots are, even if I haven't lived here for 30 years the 25 that I did put down some deep roots. Alert Bay is the kind of small island community that I don't think anyone who was born here and lived a few years here would ever want to say they were from any where but here, Alert Bay. The photo of the old dock is where I used to tie up my first boat, an 8 foot punt, the other photo is a salmon berry, if you have never tasted a Alert Bay salmon berry I feel sorry for you because you are really missing something special, cheers Bill

Monday, May 24, 2010

I am really enjoying using the Samsung Ex1. Here are a few photos that I have taken in Victoria on my way to visit my Mother in Alert Bay. I am hoping to post more photos of Alert Bay if I can work my way through the list of things I can do for my Mother. I also have received more stock of the Ex1 back in the store, cheers Bill P.S. I see I may need to find a lens shade