Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am still enjoying the Samsung NX10. I am looking forward to receiving the 30 mm and the 50-200 which may arrive in early May. This photo was edited in the camera with the Samsung Photo Style Selector. I selected Vivid. I also re sized the photo to make it easier to post. I have not used a camera to edit my files before and with the NX 10 have found that this is very easy to do. There is a cropping mode too and I could see myself using these features when traveling and posting photos to my blog. The large 3 inch AMOLED is also useful for in camera edit. I took this photo this evening of my chair and the rising river. The vivid mode added a little snap and my lawn has never looked so green. Bill

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here is another of my photos taken with the Samsung NX10. It was taken in the West Edmonton mall with auto white balance. It was resized in the camera with no PP. I have set the camera to Adobe RGB colour space and not the default SRGB. The black and white was converted in camera. I was attending a meeting held at the mall. I am looking forward to some more travel with this camera and viewing this photo reminded me that it has been over a year since my last trip to Europe, way way too long ago. Bill

It has been a very long time since I have posted to my blog. My mother has again even stopped looking for new photos. Well spring is here and I have a new camera to play with so between those two things I hope to catch up. I now have the Samsung NX10 in stock and have been using one this past weekend to get to know it. You may know how much I love my Panasonic G1 and I did feel just a little uncomfortable and a bit unfaithful when I first picked up the NX10. Myself like many people are looking for the ideal camera to travel with that will be light, small and still delivery the quality and photography experience we enjoy with a full size SLR. The Panasonic M/4/3 cameras were the first to enter this market and because of their success there may be several other companies who will follow. The Samsung NX10 is the latest. I have enjoyed using the nx10 and it is similar in someways to the G1 and different in many others. The first two things that were different for me was that I found myself using the manual mode often because unlike the G1 it does not gain up the display. I also used the AMOLED screen more because it is very impressive. I do wish it would tilt and swivel like the G1 but it doesn't. I also can't remember what AMOLED means but it is very good. I will look it up, I did read the book, something that I don't always do but the NX10 is very easy if you are also someone who may not get around to use the book. The second thing for me is that I did use the movie mode. They look great in the camera now I just need to learn what to do next. When traveling in the past there have been times I would have like to capture movement and sound. I do have the two extra lenses that are made for this camera on order and am looking forward to seeing more including something very wide. The photos I have posted are jpeg's straight from the camera and re sized in the camera to make them easy to post. I do plan on posting more. I do also have an entertaining movie of two sea lions performing in the West Edmonton Mall. I am also looking forward to receiving the next new Samsung camera, the EX-1. Cheers Bill