Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finding the right bag for the Sigma Dp1. The bag I use for travel and carrying a SLR around is the Lowpro Slingshot. These bags are designed to be carried on your back, but slide to the front for easy access to your camera. The Dp1 is a much smaller camera but having a similar style bag for me is ideal. Now I like to call my camera bag my purse, because I use it for much more than just my camera. The bag I am modeling in the photo is a Roots bag and it is a sling that unlike the Lowpro can be worn over ether shoulder. There is enough room for the camera with the viewfinder, lens hood and lens shade attached. Also in the main compartment I put my sunglasses and a cleaning cloth. The side and front compartments will hold the battery charger and cables. There is a zippered pocket to fit my passport, tickets and boarding pass. Located on the strap is a pocket for your cell phone. Other items I would put in it are loose change, keys and a tooth brush. I am sure I could find a place for a map if I thought I might need it, most of us men don't need maps, right. I also like Roots bags because there is a picture of my friend Bob, on every bag. Here is a link for more details. Bill

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Edmonton and the Sigma Dp1, the weather was great and even with all those meetings and dinner parties I still had time to use the camera. Bill

With spring here there is something new to see every day. We have two river otters that swim by, and Canada geese checking out the barn. While I was away this weekend Sandy kept the camera ready. Here is her goose on the roof photo. We have been using a Panasonic FZ18 for our point and shot camera and with its 18x zoom and excellent stabilization these shots are fun. Bill