Friday, July 18, 2008

I am still testing and enjoying using the new Pentax 17-70 F4 SDM lens that I have had for the last week. I have done a comparison with the Pentax 16 to 45 and a Sigma 17 to 70. We are still working on our new site to display them. This is a photo of the river this morning and a wasp outside of our store. I was exploring the lens "Bokeh" when the wasp showed up. Bill

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There a lot of interest in the new Pentax 17 -70 DA SDM lens. Because of the photo posted below we have had many new people visit this Blog. We are currently building a new interactive web site with articles from our customers as well as our own articles, and one of the first articles will be about this lens because of this interest. In the mean time here are two photos taken at 17 mm and 70 mm, F4. Doing a test like this is not easy and this is only a start. I used an old copy stand and tried to make it level. The distance from the back of the camera is 15 in. or 39 cm. In reviewing these photos I see that the target is not set quite square. This test is meant to give you a indication of distortion and not sharpness. Bill Wilby

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This wedding photo was taken by my daughter Laura yesterday. This is with the new Pentax 17 to 70 lens that we have just received. Laura may be the first to photograph a wedding with this lens and I think I may be the first to post photos with this lens as I have not seen any other. My other post are of a boring brick wall near our store posted on the dpreview Pentax forum. As with any new product there is a lot of world wide interest and I find it interesting even with a small store like ours it is possible to be the first. Congratulations Mairen and Andrew and thank you. Here is a link to Bill