Monday, August 18, 2008

This is our daughter Ann posing for me in front of the Bill Reid sculpture at the Vancouver International airport. She is now in France beginning her year of work and travel in Europe. This experience so far is proving to me again of how small this planet we all call home really is. The family Ann is living with in France we met last summer in our small store in our small town. But another example is us standing in line to check Ann's baggage and meeting people on their way back to France, who we had met last week in our store. And many thanks to them for the help given to Ann with her big bags and direction to her new home in France. Because of my site tracker I know I have readers from many parts of the world who find their way to my blog because of their interest in photography and sharing photos is another way to make our world smaller. With this experience I believe even more that this world is as big or as small as we would wish it to be.

The camera I took this photo was the Panasonic FZ18. Bill Wilby