Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas, here is a view you have seen before many times, the view from our deck and the river in front of our house. It is nice to have time at home to enjoy the view. Camera is my SigmaSd14 on a tripod with a remote release, mirror locked up and with my new liner polarizing filter. I hope you enjoy your holiday as much as I will. Bill Wilby

It is nice to get comments and to hear from people who read my blog. The comment below is very interesting to me because yes, the photo the person is asking about is a photo that I took in 1976. It was taken just out side of Alert Bay, my home town, and is looking toward the mouth of the Nimkish River. The person seen on the boat is David Uhl, Alert Bay fisherman proud of his new seiner. I only sold or gave away a few of these photos so I would be curious as to where it may have been the last 3o years. It was taken during the winter maybe in January as there is snow on the hills. As to the name Pictures, Prints and Promises, that was the name of my photography business at that time. I owned and operated a small gallery and frame shop in Alert Bay and sold my photos.This may not be the right photo, I took one shortly after with Malcolm Island in the back ground and the seiner is captured from the bow. Bill Wilby