Thursday, August 16, 2007

If you have been reading my blog for the last year you will know that my favorite camera this year has been the Pentax K10D. It has just won another award, the EISA, this one is for the best European D-SLR of the year. This goes with two other awards one in Japan, the CJPC award and another in Europe, the TIPA award. If you are one of the many people using this camera you will understand why. For me the right camera has to do more than produce a good file to print. How it fits in the hands, as well as how well the controls are thought and laid out to how easy it is to do what you want it to do, is just as important. The right camera for you is the one you want to carry with you to catch that special photo. I take mine home every night and carry it on my back to work each day because I just might see a photo I would like to capture. People caring a camera often comment that they see things they might not other wise notice. Yesterday my K10D was in the bag and not ready when I saw a skunk running across the lawn, I will be ready next time but I really hope I don't see him again. If you haven't checked out the Pentax K10D it may be something to consider and yes I do have stock.