Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nikon D90 is coming soon. If you have read my blog before you may know that I like to be the first with a new camera. The more exciting the camera the better. Because of our location and size of our store I have often found myself with a new camera days or weeks ahead of the rest of the world. I enjoy this position and it often results with a new customer in Montreal or Toronto or even Florida as with the last new camera the Panasonic FZ 28. We may have the Nikon D90 the week of September 22nd. Stay tuned for updates, Bill

September is here and that means many changes for most of us. As you can see it has been more than a week since I have made a post. I have been involved in our new web site www.contactphotoarts.com and I am very excited about what Max has been able to build for us. I hope to have more articles posted soon by ourselves and our customers. These two photos are going to be part of a article that I am writing about the new long zoom lenses by Sigma. They were taken this morning with my Sigma SD14 and a Sigma 120-400 OS. I have also recently sold two Sigma 150-500 os lenses and we have photos from them as well. Bill