Friday, January 11, 2008

I have been learning how to test for back and front focusing in SLRs. I have decided to do this as well as checking for dust on the sensor when selling a SLR. I also upgrade the cameras firm ware. For those of you using a DSLR you will understand how important this can be. Checking for dust is easy enough, cleaning it if there is some a little harder. After finding two new out of the box SLR's with dust I think this is a important thing to do. Checking focus required a good camera stand with precise alignment to feel confident in the test results. I had my friend John the machinist build the stand you see in the photo and it works wonderfull. I have more to learn but I have got past the feeling I have opened a can of worms and this will be a usefull tool. Bill

Monday, January 07, 2008

This is the longest print we have made here at Contact Photo Arts. It is 2.15 meters long, printed on canvas, and stretched on a frame. Stu Brown with me in the photo is the photographer and made the 190 degree composite. Max was the printer who was able to convince our Epson that it could make a print that long. Shelly from Framing Solutions stretched it on a frame that Stu made. Me, I stood around and watched and posed for the photo op. Maybe I should be in politics. The photo was taken at Jewel Lake B.C. The printed canvas is now hanging on a wall in Calgary. Here is a link to Stu's web site.