Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hi - This is Leif posting again. I took my laptop with me when I went on my travels through Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, but was rather busy exploring so didn't get the chance to organize a post. It was heavy to carry both my K10D and my laptop around, but worth it. I took far more photos than I would've otherwise, and used the RAW function regularly too, since I had the space on my computer. Basically, I just had fun on a regular basis with my K10D. This has resulted in two good things (I had fun & I have some fun photos) and a bad thing (I have more photos than I know how to deal with). I'm thinking it would be good to find a program for making a photo database or something, so I can easily navigate all my photos...

I will try to post some few photos from the places I went to. For now, here is a photo of a 14th century castle in Malmö Sweden, at early morning. I had to fly out that same day from Copenhagen (twenty minutes away by train), so woke up REALLY early to explore this somewhat small and neat city while I could.

Also, here are two photos from Helsinki. Many people I spoke with didn't have much to say for Helsinki. Certainly compared to Stockholm, Helsinki lacks a certain 'beauty' or picturesque quality. But I must say that Helsinki is VERY inspiring and fun for photography, or I think so at least. They really have some amazing architects there, and they know how to work with spaces and light and shapes. These two photos are from the steps up to the big cathedral, and a sky-light inside the museum for modern art.

I'd also like to say that a lot of museums do permit photography. The K10D is really handy in low-light conditions, with display glass that makes using a flash very problematic. I got lots of good close-ups of Viking-Age artefacts that will serve me well in my studies and teaching.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just a Quick note, we are back from our adventure and hard at work trying to catch up. Here is a photo, more to come. Bill P.S I cropped the flag so you have to guess where we went.