Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hi there. This is Leif. I'm back in Canada, but organizing my photos from Scandinavia, and I decided to make another post... This is from London, England, actually. I stopped over on my way back home, and most of my time there was overnight between my flights, in the darkness. I broke my tripod in Iceland (my lightweight tripod was NOT designed to work as a support for a high-tension clothes-line while camping... To its credit, it did do the job for two weeks before failing in the last week of my camping trip around Iceland!) So this shot of Westminster Abbey was taken using a fence as a tripod. The shot was crooked, but I didn't care about that at the time - photoshop can (and did) take care of it.

The other shot is from a medieval stave church in Norway. I'm really impressed with how well the K10D handles 'blackness', even at higher ISO settings (the shot of the abbey is at 400iso, 1/4 sec)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Passport photos and more passport photos, these are mostly the photos I take these days. Fall is here and on Sunday there were a few moments to take some fall photos. These two photos were captured with my Panasonic FZ18. I think everyone should have one. And we do have stock. Bill