Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is here and also new camera models. With digital cameras there has become a pattern of new models every six months. Yesterday after what seemed a very long wait we received two new Panasonic cameras, the FZ8 and the TZ3. Both are very exciting as is opening a box and selling a camera before putting it on the shelf which happened twice yesterday. Don't worry I have more than one of each. The FZ8 is an update from the 12x zoom FZ7 and is a little better than the top of its class FZ7. It has been reviewed here by dpreview. The TZ3 is very different from the TZ1 with a bigger screen, 10x lens with a nice wide angle for travel, and will fit in a pocket. There has not been a review that I have found at this time. I think this will be our most popular small camera for the next six months or until something better comes along. BIll P.S Checked with my Pentax rep. yesterday and I would like to brag just a little, as I think I have sold more than most of the K10d. As of today I know [14] now 15 happy people enjoying this very fine Pentax SLR.