Saturday, September 16, 2006

We now have more Panasonic FZ 50's in stock both black and silver. I was able to test the FZ50 with the last FZ30 we sold and I was very pleased. Sometimes more pixels do not make a better print but this one does. Notice I said print, I often wonder if some of the reviews I read include making real photos in a lab. That is something I do as a test for me to get to know a camera before it gets sold. Close to Christmas one year I received 20 plus cameras that I didn't test first and found to my dismay they produced a very bad photo. I had to send them all back. Most of them were presold and it was very hard to tell customers that they couldn't have that camera, and then find them a better camera two weeks before Christmas. Thanks to a rep who found what I needed in a major resellers stock room and shipped them to me and saved the day. I now don't believe every thing I read with out testing and I have never ordered 20 plus cameras with out printing photos. I don't think you should buy one with out seeing a real photo from a real photo lab. Bill update just sold number two of this camera Sept 16 4:30 a silver one, this is a very nice camera Bill

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Friday, September 15, 2006

We are back from the PMA show with lots of new ideas and products. The most exciting news for me is the new Pentax K10D and I have them on order, I was one of the first to run from the press conference to the nearest PC and send an order. I'll take orders with a deposit . Bill

update I have sold two so far Bill Sept 16 3:00 pm
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