Friday, March 07, 2008

Big news today for Sigma fans, a new price for the SD14. It is now 695.95 CD. I think this is good timing as there has been more interest because of the DP1. This photo taken with my Sd14 was in the small harbour in Vernazza our base for touring the Cinque Terre. Bill

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

These two photos are taken inside Pisa's cathedral Duomo. This building is the one along side the tower. One of my objectives with this trip was to use a mono pod as much as possible. These exposures are very long and would not be possible only hand held. Of the 300 photos I took on this trip about 280 of them were taken with a Manfrotto mono pod and a Slik AF 1100E head. A combination I know I will use often again. As well as the stability with using the mono pod, I very much enjoyed the experience of manually focusing the camera and taking time to enjoy composing each photo. This type of photography is very different than the point and shoot mode I see people now using their digital cameras for, but for me part of the enjoyment of travel. The Sigma Sd14 fits this style very well.