Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Meet my friend Bob. Bob the beaver and I have been crossing paths for several years and if you look back in previous posts you will find several photos of him from a distance. After sunset last night I noticed him on the river bank looking for a snack. I was very surprised and even a little excited to find out that Bob actually likes having his photo taken. He doesn't even seem to mind the camera flash. He also wasn't alone and maybe he was showing off for the camera just a little. The other thing I learned was that Bob likes to talk. He even manages to talk and eat at the same time. His talking wasn't directed at me but at the other friendly beaver who had swam across the river to join him for a snack. I would have recorded the conversation but I was only using for a camera the Panasonic G1 which does not include sound. Tomorrow I am receiving my first shipment of the Panasonic GF1 which does have sound and video. Lets hope I can find Bob in a hungry and talkative mood so I can test the new Panasonic GF1. cheers Bill