Friday, September 26, 2008

The new Pentax Km is shipping soon. This DSLR is aimed at the entry level market and will be the least expensive Pentax DSLR. When I look at the features this camera has I think it may have a much larger market. If I was planning to travel I would consider taking a KM because of it's compact size and how light it is. I think this camera may also be considered by current Pentax users as a second low cost body as a backup camera or a second body to hold another lens. If you follow the link to the Pentax site and study the features you will discover that this camera is not missing much except for the weight. I hope to have one in my hand soon and I will publish an article in our site with my first impressions. I may also need to call my travel agent so I can write a field report. Bill

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I still take a Sigma SD14 and a 120-400 os lens home every night hoping that I will get a new photo of my friend Bob the beaver. I have often spotted him swimming by but not in enough light to take a photograph. In the mean time I have been building my portfolio of deer portraits. For more information on this lens and the Sigma 150-500 please follow the link to our web-site and a article written by me regarding these lenses. Bill