Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update, I will have more 45-200 lenses and 4/3 adapters on Friday Dec, 5th as well as extra batteries for the G1.
Panasonic G1
, there is certainly a lot of interest in this new camera and the change it represents with digital cameras. Because of having the stock I have been shipping cameras, lenses and 4/3 adapters. If you are one of the many people not able to find the right colour camera or the 45-200 lens, I have stock. To order from our store please check our contact info on the site and send me an e-mail, or call. I ship across Canada and to the U.S. through a U.S. post office near by. Please note our store front is closed Mondays, I do check my e-mail and I do ship to the U.S. on Mondays. Bill Wilby

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You may know about my friend Bob the beaver. I haven't seen him for awhile but I can hear him working at night. There has been more than one night lately that I can remember waking to the sound of a tree falling. We have an arrangement that works for both of us. He needs a winter supply of food and I am looking forward to a 180 degree view of the river. Look for that panorama view soon, just one more tree to fall. This photo taken with my Sigma Dp1 Bill