Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One more, this is my beware of dog photo. This house is across the road and out our back door, as I think of the side of our house facing the river as the front. The house has been vacant for awhile and gives me much pleasure with its appearance. This may not be shared with some of my neighbours. The infrared photos were taken with the Sigma Sd14 by removing the uv filer that is located just behind the lens. This filter is also a dust protector for the sensor. The images have been taken in a raw file and processed very quickly in the Sigma software.

One of the unique things you can do with the Sigma Sd14 is capture infrared photos. This is new to me and over the holidays I had some time to play. I used a R72 visible light filter and also two linear polarize filters stacked together. It was cold out, about minus 10 so I didn't spent too much time or thought. I need to find out more about where to focus. There is info on the Sigma SLR forum found at dpreivew.