Saturday, March 10, 2007

A new review of one of my favorite cameras is linked here. He does make one point I question about the Pentax K10d's JPEG image quality that I think can be looked at differently. It is true most people don't print their digital files and more get printed at home than in a Lab like ours. His point would be made on his printing or viewing on a screen but in a lab like ours our software and our skill provides a very good photo from this camera. He thinks the files lack contrast and saturation and need more sharpening. This is what our software does to match the files to the Fuji paper we print on. I think a image captured in camera with less contrast and more like film gives us the most detail to work with. Bill

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring is in the air but catching a photo hasn't happened for a while. I was making some holiday photos for a customer the other day and asked if they had just returned, and to my surprise they told me it was a year ago. It made me think that photos do get better with age and looking back can be enjoyable, and with people slow to print digital photos they have already seen on a screen photos can age a long time before printing. Here some photos from a year ago that have been printed and are in the family photo album. Bill P.S You may have noticed I like to take photos of water, I am a Pisces with my birthday on Saturday.