Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This time of the year I don't get out much. But sometimes I look out the window and see the light, drop everything pick up my Sigma SD14, we have more stock coming soon, and rush out side for a photo. This one is at ISO 50 with no tripod so it is not tack sharp. What is important is that this was shot in the cameras RAW mode and processed with the Sigma excellent software on full auto, and saved to a jpeg in a few minutes. I could have done much more with it and it may or may not have looked better, but I would rather get back to my mission of helping people discover what fun a Sigma SD14 is. Hope this doesn't sound to much like an Ad. Bill

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It has been a very exciting week. My Sigma supplier has been able to adjust the Canadian price for the Sigma Sd14 so now we can sell it any where in the world and be competitive. The body is now 899.00 Canadian dollars. Also this week the new Nikon D300 arrived in our store. I took some comparison photos and Max posted them on the Sigma SLR forum at DPreview. There was a lot of interest, more than 400 people from around the world viewed the comparison. There was suggestions of how we could have done it better, so on Saturday morning Max re shot the photos and posted them again. There has been more than 200 views again, the last time I looked. The photo is of City Hall. I have thought of making it our on-line store front with the help of photoshop. The photo above may not be Bob the beaver as I saw two beavers swim by early this morning. Maybe one is Betty.