Sunday, November 18, 2007

Using the SD14. What a pleasurable experience it is. Even when walking to the mailbox with my grandpa and my dog, the camera delivers true (or better) to life colors and amazing detail and sharpness. This is because of no need for an antialiasing (blurring) filter, that provides a very real sharpness rather than a simulated, noisy one. Later in the day I took the SD14 into a dark room to create some very basic physiograms. The first one was taken over a 33 second exposure at f/8, with the IR filter off, as the LED was infrared, like your television remote. The camera had no problems with the image and I couldn't even see the light as I was taking it. The second is of a medical grade deep violet LED that is so intense it can be harmful to your skin. This part of the visible spectrum is the hardest to capture, the Sigma does it beautifully and sharply. Max.