Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is a nice day, we have been waiting awhile for sunshine and with the flowers and a little heat it is beginning to feel that summer is really on its way. These photos I have just taken with the Samsung EX1, a great little P&S shoot camera. The AMOLED screen is very usable in bright sunshine. I was one of the first in Canada and the world to have stock of this camera as I received stock mid May. It is taking the photo community awhile to notice this camera but that may soon change as Luminous-landscape has just posted their review. This review reflects the experience that I have been having with this camera. I have only one problem, I need to sell cameras and it has been difficult to sell this camera. In our global market place it is very easy for us to see prices of products in other countries. It would be nice to have global pricing but this has yet to happen. Canada was the first to receive this camera and we also have the distinction of having the highest cost. My goal is to be a source for the Samsung EX1 in Canada but this may not happen unless the price of this camera increases in the rest of the world or decreases here in Canada, most of us would like to see the decrease, "eh" Bill

Friday, June 11, 2010

Here is a photo for you Mom, we are still looking for our first fawns but if you look closely at these deer you may see that it may be soon. I am still enjoying using the Samsung Ex1. I have re-sized this file in camera before posting, Bill
please note here is a link to this file full size posted on dpreview forum, I had forgot that I resized this as small as I did to post to Face Book, there is a Face Book page for the EX1/Tl500, here is a link.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We have received our Samsung lenses, the 30 mm F2 is very small. Both the 30 mm and the 50-200 feel very well built. There is bundle pricing for the body and extra lenses, 1049.00 including the 30mm and 995.00 including the 50-200. We have stock of the Nx10 with 18-45 at 790.00. This still-life has been taken with the Samsung Ex1, have I told you how much I enjoying using this Ex1, Bill