Saturday, August 07, 2010

Here is one more that I took at ISO 200, the photo below is ISO400

Panasonic FZ100, there is quite a fuss about this new camera as introduced in my last post. I was one of the first in the world to post photos from this camera on Dpreview and they have received much attention. Dpreview have also posted their comparison of the FZ100 to other cameras and there is cause for concern. There maybe a problem with their comparison photo or the photo may be an accurate representation of the camera. If the photo is an accurate representation of the quality of this camera's still image then I think we may be seeing a shift in Panasonic's priorities. The camera has a very nice feature set and may be better suited to people using the cameras video mode more than people looking for a ultra zoom camera for stills. For me I am now waiting for the FZ40 to arrive in early Sept. This camera will have the same lens but a ccd sensor and it will be interesting to see how the still images compare. This is a photo that I took while walking to work this morning. I was thinking of the people out there who may be using the FZ100 as a birding camera. Stay tuned for more, regards Bill

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It has been a while again between photos but the summer here is so nice and with a bike ride every night and a swim in the river..... well.
Here is some exciting news, soon I will have stock of the new Panasonic ultra zoom, the FZ100. The is the first big change in the very popular Panasonic ultra zoom camera since the introduction of the FZ18. I have posted many photos from the FZ18 in the past and for myself felt no need to use the later EZ28 and last years model FZ35. This may change as the new FZ100 has a 24x lens. This will be a very popular camera and you may see some of the first photos taken with one posted here. I expect stock any day now. The cost in Canada is 549.00 Here is a link to the products page on our home page Contact Photo Arts.