Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wide angle lenses are often forgotten with cameras offering longer telephoto lenses. 3x cameras are now seen as too limited and 6x,10x 12x are more popular. The 6x does not mean the camera brings the object 6 times closer but rather the lens changes its magnification 6x from its widest view to the most telephoto. In our need for bigger numbers wide angle often becomes forgotten until you can't backup enough to get what you would like in your photo. I also like what a wide view does to change the feel of a photo. We have a pro we print for shooting wedding photos with a wide view and looking at the photos one gets the feeling you are part of the wedding not viewing the photos.
So today I have new, the Raynox super wide conversion lens added to a Panasonic FZ7 known mostly for its very good 12x Leica lens. This is a photo of our store front shot at a distance of about 20 feet or 6 meters, with and without the conversion lens. The lens does cause distortion that I fixed with acdsee pro software. Here also is a link to Raynox Bill

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Buying and selling cameras with cameras changing very fast can be very interesting. Today after reading this review, see link, I canceled my back ordered test camera. At the PMA show I held this camera and got a very good feel for it and would like to sell it. As you may know I really like Panasonic cameras for many reasons but also I find I need to take the time and choose the cameras I sell carefully. This review made me change my mind about this camera. Bill

dcresource link

Monday, September 25, 2006

While washing the dishes this morning I spotted this cold deer making its way across the river. Shake reduction in new cameras is a good thing. Pentax K100D 300mm APO sigma lens cropped photo, one cold deer.