Monday, April 21, 2008

Here is a short story that I posted on the DPreview Sigma SLR forum. I thought I would copy it here for you, who may not read the forum every day as I do. I have posted my businesses card as well because someone reading the forum suggested that I might be a good sales person. I think so and that is one reason I gave myself the title super duper sales guy. Another reason is that a few years ago I sat through a presentation about how to encourage sales people and I thought I could use a reward with a new title. Also as you may know I like to see customers smile. Bill
Last Saturday I was working my way through an airport security line when a security officer asked me, 'is that an ordinary digital camera?' well before I could think what I was saying I explained,'no this was no ordinary digital camera, this was the new Sigma Dp1, the first compact camera with the foveon sensor and very good 28mm equivalent F4 prime lens with incredible image, and he stopped me there because I was holding up the line and asked, but is there film in it? If not move along. At that point I realized he must be one of the people who don't read this forum. I still smile to myself when I think back to it, I hope it makes you smile too. Bill Wilby salesperson

April 21st and we received one of the largest snow falls of the year. It was very beautiful and changed very quickly with the first light of the morning. I did think to myself if this was a few years ago we could plan for a very busy morning with people dropping off their film. Now this event may only be remembered as long as our hard drives lasts. This is a nice way to enjoy the snow knowing that there is green grass under the melting layer of white. Bill