Friday, April 17, 2009

Have I ever mentioned how much fun I have selling cameras, this last six months has changed our sales considerably. Our out of town customers have increased as more and more consumers are not able to find the products and possibly more importantly the service close to home. As a sales person I enjoy meeting and helping new customers and after awhile in a small community like Grand Forks that experience becomes limited. I have locally 10,000 potential customers and in the last 20 years I have sold most of them one or two cameras. By discovering that I can help people with their cameras easily anywhere in North America has added to our business. For me personally, learning that I can build a relationship with a customer and help them even if we never meet face to face has been rewarding. Some may call this on-line sales but for me I prefer, out of town sales, it really is not much different opening the door or opening an email. Thanks Bill Wilby
P.S. the photo today taken with my G1 and 45-200 I just sold my G1 demo and now like many people I am looking forward the receiving the new Panasonic GH1

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here is a quick photo taken this morning of one of our beaver friends. The photo is taken with my Panasonic G1 and the 45-200 lens. I was using my mono pod and turned the lens stabilization off. I am not sure which would be better but there was not much light. The shutter was 1/20th and the photo is not perfect but how many times do you see a beaver from your bedroom balcony? Maybe he will be by for his breakfast tomorrow and I can try again. Bill