Friday, November 02, 2007

I have updated the software in the Sigma SD14 and downloaded the editing software. I am going to lose sleep with all the photo ideas this now gives me. After seeing the editing software and understanding with Max's help, what possibilities it offers, this adds much more value to the camera package and will make it even more fun to sell. This new photo was taken this morning with the camera set to ISO 50 which is now possible with the software upgrade. When selling this camera I plan on doing the firmware upgrade and including a test print to test for a clean sensor. My demo camera did have spot on the sensor which required my cleaning. Bill

Thursday, November 01, 2007

As promised more photos from the Sigma SD14. I really enjoy using this camera, the shutter is very quiet, and the controls are well laid out. It even has a built in hand warmer. This is a inside joke for Sigma users. It snowed a little just after I took these photos. Bill

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sigma Sd14. My demo for testing has just arrived and if all goes according to plan you will hear much more and see many photos from this camera. This camera is not well known of in main stream photography and that may well be part of the appeal for me. What makes it different from the others is the foveon sensor that captures the photo. Other digital camera sensors do not capture each red, green and blue colour at each pixel.The Sigma Sd14 does. They have a great site, here is the link. Contact Photo Arts is the only stocking Canadian dealer at this time and we plan to sell in store and on line across Canada. Watch for our new link and photo gallery on the home page. Please click on the photo to view larger image. Bill Wilby