Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In the Sigma world most of the talk is about the new compact camera the DP1. It was shown last week at PMA. If you look back to June 06 you find a post by Max regarding this camera, Sigma and foveon sensors. This is what got me started in this direction and resulted in us being the only Canadian stocking dealer. I think that means we are the only Canadian dealer that I know of that takes Sigma cameras and foveon sensors seriously. It is down a different road than other cameras, and not for everyone, but a road that I have been enjoying very much. I am looking forward to using the DP1 and selling it. I was hoping to have one to field test in Italy this month on our short break but it looks like that won't happen. The most I know is that I will have stock in the Spring and at this time the price will be 849.00 cd Here is a link to the Dp1

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sandy and I went for a walk and a drive today with our cameras. We thought we would practice for our up coming trip. Here is a photo from down river. We are leaving here on the 17th and heading for Italy for a short break. We are going to be taking photos, eating good food, drinking fine wine and walking. This camera is the Sigma SD14 with a little spot in the bottom left corner. I have been busy cleaning other peoples sensors I guess it is time I did mine. Bill