Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gate Fever is now posted, this is Nik Green's latest film shot with the Nikon D90. Please see earlier post for details. Here is the link to the film, and we do have stock of this exciting new SLR from Nikon. BIll

Monday, October 06, 2008

Choice & distance- a literary focus on photography by Leif Einarson, is a new article published on our web site. I have very much enjoyed reading this article for at least two reasons, first some of the ideas expressed by Leif have lodged themselves in my mind and surface often giving me a new perception of my photography. Secondly my vision of our site becoming a place for people to share their thoughts, wisdom and photographs contained in articles for mutual enjoyment has now become a reality. I hope Leif's article will not only nurture other people's creativity but will also inspire others to publish articles. If you would like to consider doing this yourself please read my article entitled " How to create and publish an article". Bill Wilby